Media Relations: A Marathon – NOT a Sprint

Alert the media! We have a shining business over here! Who? You!

You may not realize it yet, but your business is full of exciting stories and expert insights the media, and more importantly their readers, viewers and listeners, want to hear about. Not sure what kind of stories to share or which media outlets to target? That’s where an ongoing media relations strategy can help.

A strategic, ongoing media relations campaign allows organizations to connect with their target audiences and raise awareness of their brands. We’ve helped countless clients more than triple their media relations coverage through continuous media relations efforts over the course of several years.

“Media relations takes patience and persistence and it truly pays off! Each placement brings a new opportunity to expand your reach, share your knowledge, and engage with a new customer or future business partner. The Bottom Line team has been a true partner and a member of our team, helping our business grow to new heights.” – Ted Uczen, CEO of FEI Behavioral Health

A common misconception is that media relations is a sprint, not a marathon, and a few months of pitching results in instant hits across numerous platforms. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. To have successful results, media relations requires continuous work and ongoing pitching to create relationships with the media and get your company’s name on their radar. Think about how long it takes your sales team to turn a lead into a customer – the same is true with media relations.

How it works

We train for the media relations marathon by pitching your expertise and story ideas to various publications in your industry and target markets. When media are interested in publishing an article on your business, we help remove the barriers to provide them with a professionally written content piece or arrange an interview with one of your experts. Placements across local media and trade publications raises awareness of your services to consumers in your target markets as well as generates new leads, in turn creating more business opportunities for you.

For example, the first year we did media relations for a community health center, the organization received eight placements and 462,664 impressions. Not a bad start! That interaction snowballed as the media became more and more familiar with its brand, and in just two years, its media relations reach expanded by 69 percent with 38 placements and 1,500,499 impressions. This included placements in multiple local print outlets, spots on local TV stations and a monthly column in a trade publication. This kind of media engagement turned a local health center into a household and community name.

If you’re interested in getting your name out there and expanding your business, give us a call! Let us help run down some leads and showcase you as an expert in your industry with the help of a media relations program. We’re ready to help you win the race!


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