The Walking Dead – Reviving Your Social Media Strategy with Agency Help

Recently, an article Arthur Thomas wrote for BizTimes explored how companies end up with “essentially defunct social media pages” – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn profiles that haven’t seen new content in months, maybe even years, but are still linked to the company website.ghost town

An unattended, out-of-date zombie social media account can be dead weight for a company, making it seem behind the times or unengaged with its audiences. However, it’s not always easy to keep up in a fast-paced world of social networks. As Thomas said, “Maybe an intern or someone on your staff set up accounts on every conceivable platform a few years ago,” and now, no one has taken over the task and your Facebook page is a ghost town. 

Bring Life Back Into Your Social Media Strategy

At this point, you may want to throw in the towel and delete your accounts, but there is a way to bring the zombie back to life. PR agencies like Bottom Line are pros at social media strategy and can help you turn that graveyard of a Twitter feed into an active network that will benefit your brand. Here are some of the ways a PR agency can help you maintain active social media accounts:

Picking the Right Channels

In our ever-changing digital landscape, there are social networks to fill every niche, and they won’t all be the perfect fit for your brand. PR agencies can help your company ask important questions about who your audience is and what they like, determining where they’re most likely to see and engage with you. Whether you’re a highly visual real estate development company seeking Instagram strategy or an all-business law firm looking for a rock-solid LinkedIn setup, working with a PR agency can position you where you need to be for your audience.

Setting up Accounts

Creating a social media account isn’t always as simple as typing in your company’s name and calling it a day. Consistent, professional social media management means coordinating consistency in usernames and passwords, having engaging, up-to-date information in any bios or “about” sections, and making sure that the company’s brand is emphasized in all profile and cover photos. These little details all add up to a professional social media presence that your audience can’t help but notice.

Social Media Storeroom

One of our most successful strategies when a client needs help populating their social media feeds with content is the creation of Storeroom and Shopping Cart spreadsheets. These digital tools allow anyone involved in the social media process to drop in ideas for posts or fully fleshed-out posts, respectively, getting the entire team involved in the content creation process. Train experts from all departments of your company to contribute content and your audiences benefit from the knowledge of the whole group.

Day-to-Day Content Management

While it’s great to get your experts involved in coming up with content ideas, sometimes you need a little boost. We have a history of handling clients’ day-to-day social media operations, researching to find relevant articles for them to post, highlighting engaging images to use, responding to and engaging audience members, and tracking necessary metrics to measure performance. With agency help, a zombie page turns into an active, thriving network audiences will want to return to day after day to check out your new content.


The gem of any social media strategy, campaigns use everything in the social media toolbox to create a highly-visible series of posts centered on a topic, product, or piece of news. With the amount of advance planning, design work, and preparation required, PR agency assistance can mean the difference between a flop and a truly successful campaign.

Help from a PR agency can make all the difference between a staggering zombie social media account and an engaging, professional page that will excite your audience into learning more. Dust off the cobwebs and start getting the results you want out of your social media strategy!

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