Social Media. Take Two.

Social media is more relevant today than ever, so we thought it was timely to resurrect this post from the archives about what managing it well means for your brand.

Social media is teaching us an important lesson: we no longer own our brands. Anyone with Internet access and an opinion is helping to shape the perceptions about your company and its brand. You now have an unlimited number of brand managers – like it or not.

Let’s like it, and consider how it might be an opportunity to listen, engage and possibly retool. More than anything, it’s critical to be aware of all the conversations swirling around your brand.

  • Listen in on the critical conversations that give you instant insight into what people are thinking, feeling saying and doing when it comes to your brand
  • Engage with “friends” and “fans.” Use them to bounce ideas off of, to learn if your messages are ringing true to your consumers’ ears
  • Hit the pause button and rethink if your “online brand managers” are not resonating with your company’s marketing and brand messages

Here are some free resources to monitor the online conversation:

  • Google Alerts,
  • Boardtracker,
  • Twitter,
  • Board Reader,
  • Technorati,
  • Social Media Firehose,
  • Social Mention,

More than 270 million people in North America are online, in one form or another. Social media grows stronger and more influential every day. Mobile technology is becoming the dominant way we communicate with one another. The bottom line:

  • Spend the time to focus on social media and how it’s affecting you and your customers 
  • Figure out what makes business sense for your company and your customers
  • Use it to benefit you and your customers

Say, by the way, how are your competitors addressing social media?

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