Physician Quality Results

WCHQ HUBNot all doctors’ care is the same. In fact, there can be significant differences in the quality of care. In a time when the trend toward greater transparency is prompting public reporting of key quality measures, the numbers tell the story. We were privileged to help craft and deliver it for a regional physician group.

This three-phase campaign was designed to acknowledge the hard work of clinic staff in achieving the highest quality scores among 20 Wisconsin physician groups, to educate patients and their families about quality care in key chronic and preventive measures, and to inform the community about the difference quality care makes.

To acknowledge clinic staff, we designed a kick-off day when senior leadership, including the CEO, traveled in four vans to personally deliver gifts to the staff in 22 physician clinics.

Exam Room Poster - Breast Cancer

Breast cancer exam room poster

Coupled with a thank you card mailed to each staff member’s home and acknowledgements made internally, throughout the organization, the kick-off day expanded to a week of well-deserved recognition.

Each month during the nine-month campaign, clinic staff received a package of materials to both foster ongoing education around the key quality metrics and to learn how to talk with patients. On walls in break or conference rooms – out of view of patients – clinics built a “hub” of gator board speech bubbles around a giant #1. (The best number was doing the talking!) Each speech bubble noted a quality metric, the provider group’s rank in achieving that metric, and a brief, inspirational message to encourage staff to continue to improve.

Additionally, fact sheets, conversation starters, posters in patient exam rooms, “Saving lives!” wristbands worn by staff, laminated wire-bound story books in waiting rooms and a 16-panel, accordion fold, mini story book handed to each departing patient helped generate opportunities for staff to talk with patients in detail about each of the quality metrics.


“Saving lives!” staff wristband

The campaign rolled into a community-facing education effort when a leading national consumer publication produced a special insert ranking physician groups in Wisconsin. A graphic video, web-based engagement, outreach to media, CEOs, community leaders and industry groups, and ongoing patient communication allowed the story-telling to continue. When the numbers speak, patients and consumers listen.