ThedaCare Magazine

Working closely with ThedaCare, Bottom Line has served as project manager for this 24-page, consumer-facing publication that’s mailed twice a year to more than 230,000 homes in Northeastern Wisconsin. It’s exciting work! From planning of strategically-aligned stories and creative content to final production, we’re part of a dynamic team helping promote positive pathways to healthier living.

Movin' On Down - Spring 2013 Issue

Movin’ On Down – Spring 2013 center spread

Teamwork comes naturally to us – that’s how we operate in our own shop. We enjoy the give and take of strategic thinking and planning, and we work to leverage individual strengths of team members. As project manager for ThedaCare magazine, we make sure deadlines are met and progress advances while team members complete assigned tasks. As interviewers and writers, we bring strategic thinking and audience-focused expression to each story. As a creative partner, we align the visual elements to achieve the publication’s goals while imaginatively communicating specific messages.

As with any quality publication, each issue of ThedaCare magazine adheres to a consistent editorial tone and voice, and a look and feel that’s aligned with ThedaCare’s brand. We developed the style guide and editorial formula that help keep it all on track, issue to issue.

Experts have recognized ThedaCare magazine with awards. We’re not surprised. A strong team effort often results in a winning record.