ThedaCare Employee Newsletter Redesign

To redesign the employee newsletter, we updated all old fonts and logos and decided how key elements, like the cover’s header, the “call-outs” and pictures on each page, and the back cover’s “bulletin board,” could be tweaked to better fit ThedaCare’s new, vibrant brand.

Before the redesign, At Heart, used two main colors – blue and red – but the new brand had four main colors and several accent colors. For the redesigned At Heart, we agreed to change the main color every quarter based on the seasons to incorporate all four new colors without overwhelming readers. The designer created a color splash for the cover’s header and made the call-outs, headlines and mastheads all in the main color.

To display the new brand, ThedaCare installed storyboards in its facilities. We implemented this concept in At Heart by changing the bulletin on the back cover to a storyboard with color blocks and high-res images. The redesigned At Heart also used the storyboard layout for stories with many images.