Guaranty Bank Momentum Campaign

A client in the banking industry was in the exciting transition from managing economic challenge and struggle to leveraging new economic promise. As part of that journey, bank leadership recognized an opportunity to revive a focus on service – to both customers and co-workers. After all those months of working to keep their heads above water, the bank finally had an opportunity to support employees in re-engaging each other and customers in powerful, important service interactions. In partnership with Bottom Line, the bank’s leadership selected Momentum as the campaign theme. It carried the full weight of the bank’s forward progress, as well as the idea that customer service is delivered in the moment – and that’s what counts.

The bank’s internal communications and human resources teams paired up to develop a framework for service expectations. Using four, strong words – Pride, Positivity, Professional and Passion – they outlined essential attitudinal and behavioral expectations in each area. The key to employee buy-in and ongoing engagement in those areas? A well-planned, respectful and fun communications campaign timed to roll out gradually.

 Bottom Line worked closely with the bank to develop a manager-led communications process that involved a monthly “Meeting in a box.” Each month, branch and corporate managers received a box shipped personally to them. Each box included:

A set of manager instructions on how to use the materials in the box

A set of manager talking points around the “P” service word for the month

A poster focused on the “P” service word for the month

Vinyl clings to be posted at teller stations, reminding tellers to greet customers with a smile

Momentum pride posterMomentum positivity posterMomentum passion posterMomentum professionalism poster







Several boxes also included special items, including ideas for role playing scenarios, wristbands with response cards, certificates for managers to recognize employees, Way to Go! notepads for peer-to-peer recognition, and “Make it Last” lollipops.

Momentum response card


Momentum way to go notepad

Make it Last Lollipops






Response from managers affirmed the goals of the campaign. “The role playing situations were productive for giving employees practice in handling any situation with a customer,” one said. “We really like the ‘Way to Go!’ notes, and employees are using them,” said another. A third reported that the practical tools had desired results. “Customer service is improving with the meetings in a box,” she said. ersations with customers, “Way to Go!” notepads for commending co-workers, silicone wristbands to add a “flair” reminder for employees (along with responses in case customers asked about the bands) and tips for managers to record and submit video of employees engaged in great customer service.