Measuring Audience Engagement

Many of us are out there hitting the pavement, social media channels and PR circuits to build a following for our brand, organization or product. How do we determine if our efforts have been successful?

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What’s Your Relationship Status?

We often to talk with clients about two main types of relationships:

  • An exchange relationship: Person A does something for Person B only because B has provided equal benefits in the past or will do so in the future. It’s an exchange of something for something.


  • A shared relationship: Person A and Person B both act out of genuine concern for the welfare of the other and value the relationship without expecting anything in return.


Exchange relationships are most common, but shared may be the strongest. You probably have a mix of both, and that’s good. The key is to understand the type of relationships and what it takes to manage exchange versus shared relationships.

Get to the Action Already!

There’s a scale we often use to build momentum among a given audience. It has four steps:

  1. Awareness: “I think I’ve maybe heard you have a new product because I stumbled across your company’s website once.”
  2. Understanding: “You design fashion apps, and I know you have a new one coming out soon. I know what you’ve blogged about because I occasionally lurk there.”
  3. Engagement: “I’ve talked to my friends about your product. I once posted a review of your latest launch.”
  4. Action: “I bought your product. I’m a blog follower now and comment regularly.”

Volume of Followers versus Engagement

The goal is to move people from Awareness to Action. You might have 1,000 people who are peripherally aware of your company and its products, but those numbers don’t matter much until you can convince you audience to go our spend money on your product or service, or actively support your efforts to build a larger following. The level of engagement is perhaps more important than volume. 


Take a look at your relationships with your audiences. What are your exchange versus shared relationships? Where on the Awareness/Action spectrum do they fall? And how can you move them closer to action?

Call us, we’d love to talk.

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