Learning by Teaching

When you’ve been in an industry for several years, you start to feel like you’ve seen most of the situations you’ll face on a daily basis—or at least variations of them. That’s when learning to teach your knowledge to others can lend a new perspective. Here’s how we’ve benefited from that principle at Bottom Line:

  • There’s value in explaining a task out loud. Think about your daily work. When was the last time you had to voice step by step instructions about it? Could you do it? Talking it through out loud can help identify gaps or areas to improve efficiency.
  • Beginners ask questions you’ve forgotten to consider. They also don’t worry about questioning the status quo or ingrained processes. It’s fun and refreshing to hear their thoughts.
  • It provides new appreciation for delegating and editing. In a teaching scenario, the teacher has a vested interest in helping the learner. That means you take care in delegating or editing, and are thoughtful in your reasoning rather than rushing through it to reach the next item on your to-do list.
  • It reminds you why you love it! Seeing your work through the eyes of a new person in the industry often shines the light on why you were drawn to this career in the first place. It’s a wonderful feeling!

How do you incorporate opportunities for teaching into your day job?

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