Communicating Healthcare Technology

Healthcare and technology are both hot button words and, where the two come together, organizations have real opportunity to communicate innovation and industry leadership. The tricky part is translating those complex concepts (like premature ventricular contractions) into relevant, easy-to-understand language (heart screenings on your iPhone!).

Here are a few tips for conveying your next healthcare technology idea:

Talk with the experts and ask the right questions
The people closest to your product or technology are usually the best able to describe its purpose. They’re also the most likely to trail off into jargon that consumers might not understand. Put on your “customer hat” and ask good, focused questions about what this means for those who will be using it. That way you’ll hone in on the technology’s benefits.

Communicate the benefits
The best, most impressive technology in the world doesn’t mean much unless people understand how it can help them. Emphasize the benefits before getting into techie details about specs.

Talk about your patents
Many technology processes are extremely complex. By mentioning the type of patents your product has secured, you immediately convey credibility and generate potential interest among media.

Target your audiences
When you’re first introducing new healthcare technology, the best audience is typically healthcare professionals (or reporters at the publications those healthcare pros read) who might use it on a regular basis. They are more apt to recognize immediate benefits and, based on their reactions and feedback, you can continue to refine consumer messages for the next wave of your roll out.

With the proper preparation, you can ensure your next communication about emerging healthcare technologies really makes a connection!

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