Add Another Feather to Your PR Hat This Thanksgiving

As we’re thawing the turkey and prepping the stuffing, we pause to honor the PR spirit of Thanksgiving! (We’re pretty sure community relations and a savvy dash of crisis management had a hand in that first feast.)

So we’re continuing the tradition with our Top 5 Media Relations Tips Inspired by Turkey Day.

turkey-1460850_12801. Build relationships: Whether around the New World campfires or Mom’s dinner table, Thanksgiving celebrates people coming together, sharing needs and gifts, and seeking new relationships. The same holds true for media relations. Connect with reporters and editors in a way that engages them for the long-run.

2. Get creative: The first settlers thought on their feet to survive. They looked for new opportunities and new ways of doing things–just like media relations pros do when crafting story ideas and pitches. 

3. Deliver delicious morsels: Reporters want the marshmallow-covered sweet potato dish … not the green bean casserole. Serve your stories with an extra helping of relevance, timeliness and local customization, and you’ll whet their appetite for more.

4. Think in courses: Placing one great story is like that first bite of cranberry sauce; you know there’s a lot more feast to come! Instead of petering out early, think like Grandma and plan several courses of outreach.

5. Never nap! While napping after too much turkey is a time-honored tradition (one we wholeheartedly support!), media pitching is another story. News doesn’t stop for tryptophan, and neither should your story ideas. Watch for ways to refresh and renew your media relations so it doesn’t grow tired.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

And if you need a media relations partner for the other 364 days of the year, we’re your pumpkin pie!

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