5 Ways to Get your Social Media Accounts Ready for the Spotlight

Is your organization gearing up for a large social media campaign? Are you attending a prominent industry conference? Or, maybe your organization is about to announce a big change?

Whatever your situation may be, if you anticipate more people, or a new audience, checking out your social media accounts, it’s time to make sure your social platforms are ready for the spotlight.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to take your social media accounts from drab to fab:

1. Establish consistency. Whether your organization is on two social media platforms or ten, the brand should remain consistent across all its accounts. Make sure your organization’s names (handles), photos and general description are as similar as possible so it is easy for people to find, follow and engage with you. Once your accounts are consistent, use the “website” field to cross-promote them.

2. Elevate your photos. We live in a world of high-quality photos. With a little cropping or coordination with a graphic designer, it’s simple to optimize (resize) your main pictures to look great on social media. Chose photos that will work well across all platforms to keep your accounts consistent. 

According to Hootsuite, the standard image sizes for major social platforms are:

  • Facebook profile picture: 180×180 pixels
  • Facebook cover photo: 851×315 pixels
  • Twitter profile picture: 400×400 pixels
  • Twitter header image: 1,500×500 pixels
  • LinkedIn logo: 400×400 pixels
  • LinkedIn banner image: 646×220 pixels

3. Spice up your organization’s bio. To make your organization more searchable, work relevant keywords into your social profiles. Add links, hashtags, handles, prominent industry terms and maybe even a little humor or creativity into your bios, and your number of page visits and followers are sure to increase. 

4. Engage with others. With so many companies using social media, sometimes all it takes is a little reminder that you exist. Follow-back people who have followed you, thank people for taking the time to retweet or like your post, or ask your clients/customers for reviews or endorsements. In the social media world, there are infinite opportunities to engage.

5. Publish a “teaser” post. Did you start reading this blog because you could relate to one of our opening questions? Well then, it sounds like you have exciting news to share! After you’ve made some updates to your social media accounts, tell your audience why you’ve made changes. A “teaser” post like, “We’re giving our social media accounts a face-lift in preparation for a BIG announcement,” will keep your audience engaged and checking back in with your accounts often.

Now, are you feeling more ready for the spotlight?

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