The Crisis Trifecta – Responding to Challenges on Campus

Safety is a priority for administrators on college campuses around the country, but it’s impossible to predict when crises will arise with 100 percent certainty. Outbreaks of disease, cybersecurity issues, potentially violent protests, and other campus security concerns may arise with little-to-no warning whatsoever. Even if you have several days or weeks to prepare for the reaction to a controversial speaker or similar challenging event, how do you know that you’ll be prepared to handle it in the moment? How do you successfully address a crisis on campus?

Crisis Trifecta2

The solution may lie in utilizing the “Crisis Trifecta” – internal crisis response teams, an external public relations firm, and crisis management services. The situation on the ground during a crisis can be tense, and it’s easy for vital communication to fall through while administrators are still responding to the task at hand. Pairing external public relations with crisis response and management can help handle public response and, even more importantly, support crisis responders to communicate in clear, concise, and timely ways.

Each of the three parts of the “Crisis Trifecta” plays a major role in helping your campus deal with and recover from a potentially harmful event. When they work together, their strengths create a rock-solid foundation for effective crisis management.

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