Easy on the Eyes

In our highly visual world, even PR people like us recognize that gray words in columns aren’t always the best way to communicate. (And we love words!) Increasingly, we’re telling client stories through various visual elements, and looking for creative ways to showcase key words and information.

Quality design that supports a brand look and feel is still the gold standard for all creative work, whether it’s print or digital. As we collaborate with our network of stellar graphic designers, and experiment ourselves with free online platforms like Wordle and Piktochart, we always aim for eye-appeal to draw interest and strategically connect key audiences with information and inspiration.

Here’s a peek at what our design partners have done recently, as well as a couple of Bottom Line-produced items. 

design collage

How Companies are Catching more than Pokémon with Pokémon Go

Pokémon – it’s everywhere. Thanks to a new free mobile app, called Pokémon Go, people across the country can now “catch ‘em all.” Using users’ GPS and camera on their phones, Pokémon Go allows players to capture and battle virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world. And it’s a phenomena that’s sweeping the nation—in just five days, it has more users than Twitter and added nearly $11 billion to the value of Nintendo stock.

As marketing nerds, we’re excited to see companies taking advantage of this pop culture hit. To get new customers in the door, museums, churches and businesses are promoting that they are PokéStops, places in Pokémon Go that allow you to collect essential items, such as eggs, Poké Balls, potions and more. Others are taking advantage of nearby PokéGyms, places players can battle their Pokémon, by urging people to stop by their businesses before and after a battle.

We always guide our clients to take advantage of trends—both in their industries and in pop culture—in their PR campaigns. Here are a few ways to use hot topics like Pokémon Go to “catch” new customers:

  • Know your audience. Although it seems like something only little kids would be interested in, Pokémon Go is most popular among nostalgic millennials who grew up playing Pokémon on their Gameboys and trading Pokémon cards. If your audience isn’t interested in the topic or trend, all your marketing efforts will be wasted on them. Be sure to ask yourself, “Does my audience care about this topic/trend?”
  • Get creative! Think about your product or service offerings and brainstorm creative ways to connect them to a hot topic or trend. Use visuals, statistics, humor or a play-on-words to show how your brand relates.
  • Weave the trend into your promotions. For example, one restaurant is offering discounts depending on a player’s Pokémon Go level—if you’re on level 3 you get a free soda, while level 13 gets a free 8” pizza!

Want to take advantage of the latest hot topic or trend in your media relations or social media campaigns? Give us a call.

Client Spotlight: Gold Cross Ambulance Service

Every once in a while we like to give a shout out to one of our clients and showcase the good work we do together. This month, we’re putting Gold Cross Ambulance (GCA) in the spotlight!

For a number of years, Bottom Line has assisted GCA, located in Menasha, Wis., with a host of different services, including strategic consulting, issues management, media relations, branding, sales and marketing, internal communications, employee relations, and public relations related to business development and special events.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of GCA. Along with our ongoing support, we’ve had the chance to partner with GCA on ways to celebrate and leverage their milestone anniversary. It’s a refreshing change to take off our PR hats and don our special event caps!

We started the year brainstorming different celebratory ideas with the Gold Cross planning team. Here’s a snapshot of what developed, and how we’ve supported GCA:

  • Implemented a quarterly employee newsletter communicating company news and kicking off their anniversary celebration.
  • Managed the design and printing of 25th anniversary materials, including a VIP reception save-the-date postcard, invitation and envelope for a VIP event Gold Cross will host this fall.
  • Managed the database of invitees and created mailing labels for the client to use on the save-the-dates.
  • Produced a new reflective decal, “Serving You Since 1991” for all the company’s vehicles.

gold cross ambulance

  • Drafted a sample phone script for employees to use when answering incoming calls.
  • Drafted a mayoral proclamation on behalf of the mayors of the three communities closest to GCA’s headquarters. This will be presented at the VIP event this October.
  • Created a 25th anniversary seal for Gold Cross to use electronically on email signatures and a print version to use on mailings. 

gold cross seal

We’re looking forward to supporting additional tactics as GCA gears up for their fall celebrations! Most of all, we appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with Gold Cross and help tell their amazing story. Saving lives is quite a mission. To learn more about Gold Cross, click here. If you have a story to tell or a milestone to celebrate, the Bottom Line team would be happy to help!