Evaluation is Essential

The evaluation step is an important step in any process, especially public relations. It helps to identify the key areas of improvement and identify goals more clearly. Bottom Line launched an annual customer survey in 2004. Our goal is to have 75% of our client responses in the “virtually always” and “almost always” categories.

We value the input we receive and use it to continuously improve our quality of service. We think it’s important to share our yearly results with not only our clients, but you, too. To see the results from our 2012 Customer Survey, click here.

Capture and Tell Your Stories

More and more of our work for clients revolves around messaging and positioning. Our clients know how critical it is to really nail those foundational elements as a first step in an effective marketing or communications program.

Three elements of this foundation are:

  • Define yourself ( or somebody else will).
  • Position your company (so you can best leverage your assets).
  • Tell your story in ways that affect how people think, feel, say and do (the essence of effective communication).

Storytelling creates links with images and feelings people have about your company, its products, its people, your brand. Ask yourself these questions:

  •  What are your company’s unique stories – ones that only you can tell?
  • Why and how is your story important for your audiences to understand, and what does it motivate them to do?
  • How does your story define your culture, your new product development, the relationships you want to have with employees and customers?
  • How can you add texture to your story that brings it to life in a way that unequivocally defines you?

Every organization has unique stories. One of our mission critical tasks as marketers and communicators is to capture those stories and how to put them in the context of what makes your company, product or service different. With the amazing amount of clutter and noise in today’s information age, it is more important than ever to break through and connect with your customers by telling stories that capture their attention, engage and educate them and prompt them to action.


Introducing Our New Website!

WebsiteIt’s an exciting time at BLMPR. We just launched our new website, www.blmpr.com. One of the coolest features of our new site is the portfolio page, which highlights the variety of client projects we’ve produced. The site also features our case study library, white papers, information on our speaker’s bureau, our blog and much more. We hope you take a couple of minutes to visit our new site!